„We realise your special demands by excellent quality”

 We are able to manufacture all components of electro-motors . Our strength is the customer-specific build-ups also on range of motor parts and on range of complete-motors.



  •  asynchronous motor

- winding and vacuum impregnation of laminations in size IEC 63-200
- winding of pump-motors
- winding of vibrator-motors 
- winding of stators for torque motors
- winding in separate and inserted lamination stacks
- heat insertion  of wound stacks in motor frames

  • winding of brushless servomotors in different dimensions
  • winding of rotors for motors with commutator
  • using of UL-materials (on special demand)
  • potting of stators with resin (on special demand)


 - CNC machining (turning: Ø350x1250 mm; milling: untill 1300x570x510 mm)
- cylindrical grinding (CNC an conventional)
- conventional machining
- machining of motor components based on general  or special requirements (f.e: extraordinary shaft-shapings)
- rotor balancing
- machining of aluminium castings and cast-iron parts

 Final products

In case of suitable series size, we undertake the assembly of complete engines and components.

Our company has finished the production of own final products.

Közlemény HD/HDN féklazító

Közlemény EZG 703 / 705 motor

 Technical documentation of products, that are no longer manufactured

- HDN elektrohidraulikus féklazító
- EZS típusú szervomotorok
- EZG 703, 705 típusú szervomotorok
- EZG 710, 720, 730 típusú szervomotorok
- EZG 810, 820, 830 típusú fékes szervomotorok