Dear Visitor!


Let me welcome you on our website in name of EMTC. The EMTC (ElektroMotorenTechnik Cegléd)  was founded  in Mai 2000, as a Hungarian-German Joint Venture.

The ownership structure of the company changed in 2019, the 100% owner is the german company Stöber Antriebstechnik  GmbH from this year .

Our main profile

Based on general and individual customer demands:

  • Winding of lamination stacks from size IEC 63 to IEC 200
  • Machining of components of electric motors from size IEC 63 to IEC 200
  • Compilation of structural parts and units from the manufactured parts,
  • Final assembly of products

96% of the revenue of the company comes off from export.

With persistent development of the manufacturing and the products, we aim to cover our clientele’s expressed and expected requirements.

Why should you choose EMTC?

  • Ambitious construction at favorable price
  • Manufacturing of small and medium series
  • Manual winding
  • Several years of professional and manufacturing experience
  • Quality products

 Our Quality Management System is certified by MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.


With the efficient actuation of our quality management system we want to affirmate our clients’ satisfaction and confidence, we aim to acquisit new market areas, hoping to reach all of our employee’s assured, long-term subsistence and the progression their satisfaction.

The purpose and ambition of our company is, beyond to increase the contestability of our products, to fulfill our customer’s expressed and expected requirements on high-level by providing perfect products. We develop our business policy, market-strategy regarding our partners’ opinion and feedback We stand for the validation of mutual benefits in our business relationships.

During our operation we attest law-abiding behavior, follow continuously the relating national and international common and environmental law and regulation. We aim to be equal throughout to them.

Our quality policy is foreshowed to all our employees and subconstractors. We cultivate our employees’ quality conscious aspect and attitude by systematic qualification. Due to the quality requirements define we our general and unique quality goals, those fulfilment is regularly traced.

Buday Zoltán